Here we aim to answer your commonly-asked questions about the Southampton Mustangs and baseball here in the UK.

Q: Is baseball fun?

A: Absolutely. Baseball is a very inclusive sport and we run coaching sessions from Youth to Adult, regardless of experience. Unlike football or rugby you don’t have to run around for 90 minutes. A general level of fitness is important but it’s more about getting out and about, trying a new sport, making new friends and hopefully winning some trophies.


Q: I don’t know the rules. How do I learn?

A: Understanding a new sport can be overwhelming, and there’s only so much YouTube a person can watch before their eyes go square, which is why we feel the best way to learn is to come down and chat with us in person. We’re a friendly bunch (even the ones with giant beards) and we’re on-hand to answer any questions you might have.

We want you to enjoy your time on the field, so come along and give it a go.


Q: How long have the Southampton Mustangs been going?

A: An incredible 20 years. The club was founded in 1997 by students from the University of Southampton and competed in university competitions before joining the British Baseball Federation (BBF) in 2003. Since then we’ve gone on to win titles at Adult and Youth level, most notably the National Baseball League title in 2016. The Mustangs finished that season amongst the top 50 teams in Europe and are currently the highest-placed UK side ahead of the 2015 NBL champions, the London Mets.

We play in Europe every year too. In 2017, the club will compete at the CEB Federations Cup qualifiers in Serbia during June.


Q: Is baseball popular in the UK?

A: Definitely. As a club we’ve been around for two decades, and there are more starting up around the country. It’s our ambition to grow baseball in the UK to such a level that the growth you’ve seen with the NFL and NBA in recent years comes to pass with the MLB too. We hope a regular season game is just around the corner, so now is a great time to get to know and love baseball.


Q: What about softball?

A: The Mustangs are proud to be entering a team into the Solent Softball League this year. Softball is a little different to baseball and caters for women who are interested in taking up the sport. It’s a new thing for us and we’re looking for players of all experience levels, from newbies to veterans.

If you’d like to be part of the Mustangs Softball journey, email us here


Q: Why should my child choose baseball over football, rugby or cricket?

A: Baseball shares disciplines with a lot of other sports, but also offers a whole new set that your child will find fun to learn. What makes joining the Southampton Mustangs great is that our affordable Youth training program, the Mini Mustangs, is lead by experienced players and coaches who understand that children learn best in classes that are simple, safe and engaging.

Young people can often find they’ve left it too late to choose a competitive sport, even at the age of nine. At the Mustangs nobody gets left behind and everyone gets a chance to play.


Q: How are the Southampton Mustangs funded?

A: Largely through memberships. Our fees cover all training sessions, venue hire, pitch fees, umpire fees, equipment usage and replacement, and continued entry into the BBF for the year. The Mustangs are actively seeking to take part in community and charity fundraising initiatives to help support the club.

Recent successes have included Sport England’s Sportivate, Tesco Bags of Help and Anglian Home Improvements 50 for 50 campaigns – financial support which has been invaluable in helping the club develop our Mini Mustangs youth program, but events like European tournaments are often self-funded through family and friends.

We’re keen to hear from businesses or organisations who can support the Mustangs in 2017 season. If that’s you, please get in touch with us via email here


Q: Do I or my children need to be a member to train with the Mustangs?

A: We love baseball and encourage you to try it too, which is why you’re invited to attend any suitable training session with no membership required. If you’d like to come down just let us know via email and we’ll make arrangements to welcome you. 


Q: Do I need professional equipment to train with the Mustangs?

A: If you have it you can bring it along but we provide the necessary bats, balls, gloves and other cool baseball things.


Q: What do I need to wear to train with the Mustangs?

A: Appropriate footwear is helpful. For indoor training that would be trainers, for outdoor sessions ideally wear studded or moulded boots as the ground can get a little muddy and you’ll want to stay upright. Clothing-wise, we suggest wearing something that you feel comfortable exercising in, and don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Baseball can be a fast-moving outdoor sport, so make sure you have a good washing powder or stain remover at home too (just in case).


Q: What do I need to wear for competitive games?

A: Jerseys are available to order, but once you’re signed up as a Mustangs member we’ll talk to you about that.


Any burning question that hasn’t been answered? Send us an email here! We look forward to seeing you at training soon.