Federations Cup Fixtures

This summer the Mustangs will travel to the CEB Federations Cup qualifiers for the first time as NBL Champions.

There are five teams in our Pool 2 group from Romania, Bulgaria, Austria and the host nation, Serbia.


Pool 2 – Belgrade/Serbia*

1) Southampton Mustangs (GBR)

2) Athletic Sofia (BUL)

3) Atletico Alexandria (ROM)

4) Diving Ducks W.Neustadt (AUT)

5) Beograd ’96 (SRB)


In 2016 the Mustangs lost out to Spain’s Saint Boi in the last game, so we’ll be expecting to make it to the final fixture once again, with yet another experienced squad hoping to finally win big in Europe.

You’ll be able to stay up to date with in-game scores on the Southampton Mustangs Twitter account.

Here’s a look at the fixture list for the Mustangs in full (all games start at local time):